Killiebrae Sheepdogs


Step up training trial


Date : 05.12.2014 at  Raise Lodge , Wigton, CA7 8LY 

Tel: 01697342596

Start Time 9am  - Finish approx 4/5pm 


We are holding a “step up” training trial for people who would like to have a go at a trial but are not confident enough or are not quite ready to start Nursery trialling. The aim is to encourage people get into Sheepdog Trialling and to help them train their dog to the level needed to compete.


It will be a small course with a 100 yard outrun, a fetch, a small drive and a large pen without a gate so it is easier to pen the sheep.  People will be allowed to walk round the course with their dogs if they need to. Throughout the training trial we will be on hand to help and give advice when needed.


There is a limit to 15 people and they can only run 1 dog each.  All dogs must be trained on their sides, walk on and stop. They do not need to be on whistle commands but must be under good control at all times. 


Derek will act as the judge and take notes on each run . Please note that it will not  be a real competition and there will be no prizes or points!  It will be followed by a question and answer session over tea and biscuits! We can go over the notes and have an informal discussion on how to improve handling, training and anything else that comes up! 


It is pre entry and we are taking payment now so if you would like to attend please get in touch for details on how to book.  Tel : 01697342596  or send a Private message.








The tenancy of Lonscale Farm ( the current home of Killiebrae Sheepdogs)  has come to an end. As of November 2014 Derek and Helen will be leaving Lonscale Farm and moving to Rachel's farm,  Raise Lodge which is near Wigton.

It is still in Cumbria and is based close to Carlisle and the will be much easier to find... I am sure that those of you who have visited us at Lonscale will be happy to hear this!!

The whole kennels will be moved here and Derek is going to focus more on the Training side of things. He will be holding more training clinics, sheepdog trials and New handler training courses.

Rachel is going to continue the Breeding programme and take over the farming side of Raise Lodge.

Along side "Killiebrae Sheepdogs" we are also going to start another venture "Sheepdog World".  Sheepdog World will be open to bus/school tours and the general public. We plan to give Sheepdog demonstrations, have some rare breed sheep and have an art gallery for Helen's painings.

Hopefully there will be lots of old and new faces visiting us at Raise Lodge!