Killiebrae Sheepdogs

It has been a busy time here recently what with all these puppies around, it takes a lot of time to feed/clean and socialise them all....definately a good job though! 



Unfortunately one of Rachel's bitches got mastitis after  leaving her puppies. It came on very fast, over is a aggressive form but luckily we managed to get her to the vet in time and she will make a good recovery, she will lose one mammary gland and nipple but she is already looking much brighter and responding well to treatment.


A few weeks ago we went to "Scruffs" dog show in Keswick and did a dog and duck demonstration. Jim was the star of the show and performed really well on the day ( very well considering he only met ducks the day before!!) ....Very organised I know!!

There will be a video uploaded shortly!